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In Our Village: La Loma, Dominican Republic


Missioners and volunteers have visited the Dominican Republic for many years working on a variety of health-related and education projects to improve the living conditions off the families living in the small isolated villages tucked away in Las Cordilleras mountains.


Those volunteers were always welcomed as family and, over time, a collection of stories and photographs were collected that shared the true story of what it means to be a family in this community. The book shares a glimpse into a community enriched with love and respect for one another, with celebrations and hopes for their future. People from La Loma were curious as to why anyone might want to write about them and how they live. However, what they don’t realize is that they have much to teach all of us about how cooperation and having faith can go a long way in building joyful community relationships. Their story deserves to be told.


In La Loma, a small community largely isolated from major cities, the simple act of gathering viable drinking water can take several hours. This is why the people must depend on their faith and each other to overcome every challenge they face. The tales the book relates of coming together to do things like building a church and cooking Sunday meals that feed entire families are so inspiring and indeed worth reading about.


Profits from the book will be used to improve the education system in La Loma. If you are interested in purchasing in bulk for classroom use, please contact vanessah@myhandsinspire.org with your school/organization name, and quantity needed for quote.

In Our Village: La Loma

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  • 78 pages. Color photos. Copyright 2010 by Diocese of Orlando. 

    ISBN 978-1-4507-3866-8